We can help you renting out your property.

-  find tenants

- prepare contracts in several languages

- help with tecnical support and cleaning

Dear owner,

we are a small business with a long experience in Gran Canaria.

We are offering a limited quantity of properties to be able to promote them adequately and to have a personal treatment with you.

When you give us an exclusive sale order, we can promote your property apart from our website through local and international partners. Especially when you are not constantly on the island you should choose this form to have a clear local partner to treat with that cares for their property. 

 Non-exclusive sale orders make sense when the owner lives on the island and simply wants to amplify the sale possibilities trough collaboration with us. In that case we decide together with the owner what kind of promotion we can offer.

We can guide you throughout the complete sale procedure and help you with tax issues, heritages and other questions.

We have a lot of experience in renovating properties.